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Reliable Painters & decorators

  • We provide a professional Painting and Decorating service in Dublin and suburbs, taking pride in our high quality work and affordable prices. We cover all aspects of Painting and Decorating service, be it interior or exterior, commercial or domestic. Our team is highly experienced and customer oriented with great attention to detail. We will complete the job in the shortest possible time to ensure minimum discomfort to our customers.

  • Please check out our gallery for photos of work we have done or visit our testimonials page for customer review of our services and also take a look at our latest Presentation for insight into how we do things with detailed step by step explanations.

    Latest Articles:


    Painting and Decorating Tips. Painting bare wood.

    Painting and staining wood is not as simple as it seems at first sight if done properly. We will cover most common ways of painting bare wood that the average household may require done over the years and things to watch out for when preparing wooden surfaces. When wood needs to be painted there are a couple of ways to do it and each particular situation requires a specific method of more...







    Painting and Decorating. Which Painter?

    Every now and then a time comes when our homes become looking a little tiered and in need of a lift up. Most times this is where a Painter and Decorator is required to save the day, so we embark on a mission to get the best deal out there that today’s local painters have to offer. The trick is though, there are a vast number of painters and they all give you different prices for the same more...







    Water based Paint for wood product review.

    As Painters and Decorators we enjoy the privilege of trying new and innovative products that today’s very creative suppliers are so keen on throwing at us. Painting in Dublin recently had completed a project that had allowed us to thoroughly examine one not so new anymore product that is the water based paint for wood. In our case it was Dulux water based satinwood paint and more...





    Painting and decorating. Banister painting how to.

    Staircase banisters are a common feature in our homes and they are usually among the first things that get noticed by anyone entering the house, therefore it is important to have them looking their best at all times. Nothing compares with a good first impression of a house. Just as there is a variety of types of banisters, there are ways of looking after them. There are a number of options available out there from which you can choose to apply to your banisters depending on their style and surrounding. For example if the surrounding area is very dark you may want to paint them a bright colour and if they are in a good shape and you just want the freshened up then a coat of varnish should do the job. If you’re handy with a brush and roller, you may choose to do the job yourself. But if you’re unsure then best get a painter and decorator to do the job. Painters and Decorators do this every day so it will be much quicker and properly done as opposed to someone who has little or no Painting and Decorating experience.
    If your banisters are new, you have a couple of options of finishing them: more...




    Painting and Decorating. Living room wallpaper-painting.

    Having the winter holidays behind us, many of us are planning ahead with our next home improvement project. Changing that old carpet, replacing the kitchen or bathroom or maybe painting the living room.
    Luckily, Painting in Dublin can inspire you with your painting and decorating needs. Painters and Decorators at Painting in Dublin have a wealth of experience and we are eager to share it with the world. Living rooms are the centre piece of any house. If the main door is the face of your home then the living room would be its heart, as it is by far the most used room in your house by all family more...






    Painting and Decorating. Stain blocking.

    One of the most common issues that painters and decorators have to deal with on a daily basis is stain problems on walls. Whether they are damp stains or residual stains they all give painters and decorators a serious headache.
    In this article we will guide you through steps taken by painters and decorators at Painting In Dublin when tackling such stain related problems....

    Preparation work.

    The first thing a painter and decorator does when faced with a stain on the wall is figure out if the stain is dry. It is impossible to cover a stain that is caused by an active leak. Plumbing issues often contribute to the formation of stains on customers walls of the house and until such problems are fixed, a painter and decorator is powerless even with the best of available stain and damp proofing materials available on the market. Just like any other problem, stain killing begins with the identifying the cause and nature of the stain. After making sure that the cause of the stain is no longer active, painters and decorators begin with the preparation work on the stain and surrounding more...




    Floor Sanding and Varnishing.
    Methods applied by Painters and Decorators at Painting In Dublin.

    There are a number of finishes that can be applied on wooden floors such as Painting, Varnishing, Waxing… we will explore the Varnishing of wooden floors in detail as done by Professional Painters and Decorators at Painting In Dublin.

    Say you have an old wooden floor that has seen brighter days and you would like it to look a little bit younger than it does… so you decide to sand it down and give it a face lift. If you’re not a professional Painter and Decorator and do not sand and varnish floors on a regular basis then you may find this article useful as we explore the different stages that Professional Painters and Decorators undertake when sanding and varnishing the wooden more...






    Exterior Painting and Decorating.
    Exterior windows painting and decorating works. Height access

    In this article I will cover some of the things involved in painting exterior windows as done by professional Painters and Decorators at Painting In Dublin. Height access options and ways of implementing them. We have completed recently an exterior painting job for no. 16 Hume Street and no. 12 lower Pembroke Street, Dublin 2 and thought it would be a good example to reflect on.
    There are a couple of ways to get to them for Painting and Decorating:
    #1: Ladder
    #2: Scaffolding
    #3: Cherry picker
    #4: Removal From inside

    So let’s have a closer look at these more...




    Painting Kids room.

    Colour choice and other important aspects.

    From time to time all of us have to re decorate our homes and within these homes of course we have the most important of rooms: The Kids room.

    So how do you choose colours for kid’s bedrooms? Well, there is always the stereotypical way of going blue for boys and pink for girls, each comes in quite a few variations so you’ll be spoiled for choice!... Maybe so but if you’d like to really put the effort into it then you may have to rethink the stereotypes. As Painters and Decorators know, Kids rooms are just as diverse as adult’s rooms because they are unique individuals and have their little personalities as soon as they start talking.
    One important thing about choosing the colour when painting the walls of a child’s bedroom is to stay amongst the vibrant and bright colours. At this early stage in their life the last thing you want to do is to paint their bedrooms walls in a dull and depressing colour but we all know that already, don’t we? So Bright it is more...




    Home Painting.
    Choosing Colours for your Painting and Decorating Job.

    If you have ever painted your home before then you know that the first thing a Painter and Decorator does is decide on a colour scheme for the Painting and Decorating job at hand. Even if you have done it before, choosing the right colours for your house can be tricky. Firstly because colours and finishes are affected by light and secondly because it can be tricky to choose a colour scheme just right so that it reflects the right image of your house and at the same time it feels right and more...




    Interior Domestic Painting. Useful Tips.

    When it comes to interior painting and decorating there are a number of key factors property owners should take into account. One of them is choosing the right Painter and Decorator to do the job for you. You could, of course, paint the house yourself and save money. That is all good as long as you follow thoroughly the guide lines of Interior Painting and Decorating and ensure the proper use of appropriate paint and painting products as well as surface preparation and of course be very meticulous with the detail.




    Office Painting.
    Useful tips on choosing a good time to paint your office.

    As Christmas is approaching fast, it is the time to start planning for your office to be freshened up for the New Year ahead. As painters and decorators we know that this is the time when most office spaces get some work done, be it a full painting job or a partial one.
    Why do most businesses paint their offices/premises during Christmas?
    As we all know, Christmas is one of very few holidays when no one works… that is except for Painters! more...



    Painting a room.How to paint a room from start to finish.

    It probably isn’t the first time you painted a room yourself but maybe you wonder how a professional painter would paint it…
    In this article we’ll explore all steps that are taken by a professional painter when he is faced with the every day challenge of painting rooms.
    #1 Clearing the room.
    Clearing the room is the first task a professional painter & Decorator will do before he does anything else. You should begin with the loose small stuff like pictures, pens, cups and other belongings that will be in your way when painting. It is advised to put them in a small containers to be able to find them when you’re finished. Professional more...

    Exterior House Painting: Things you need to know before Painting the Exterior of your house.

    Irish weather can be very deterring on the exterior paint of your house, luckily, there are plenty of good exterior paints and varnishes available on the market and your house painter will know exactly what to recommend you. The only thing you have to do is to choose the right house painter. When time comes to paint your house again follow the steps below to save you more...

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