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    Painting Kids room.
    Colour choice and other important aspects.

  • From time to time all of us have to re decorate our homes and within these homes of course we have the most important of rooms: The Kids room.

    So how do you choose colours for kid’s bedrooms? Well, there is always the stereotypical way of going blue for boys and pink for girls, each comes in quite a few variations so you’ll be spoiled for choice!... Maybe so but if you’d like to really put the effort into it then you may have to rethink the stereotypes. As Painters and Decorators know, Kids rooms are just as diverse as adult’s rooms because they are unique individuals and have their little personalities as soon as they start talking.
    One important thing about choosing the colour when painting the walls of a child’s bedroom is to stay amongst the vibrant and bright colours. At this early stage in their life the last thing you want to do is to paint their bedrooms walls in a dull and depressing colour but we all know that already, don’t we? So Bright it is then.

    Being original is important but that doesn’t mean you should be avoiding the stereotypical paint colours such as pink and blue, As mentioned above there are plenty of shades of blue or pink or any other colour for that matter available to choose from. For example when painting a girls room you can do the main walls in off white and have a feature wall in Pink. They go well together, my personal favourite pink is “Fairy Dust” from Crown or indeed why not do the walls in pink and have a bright red as a feature wall. Another really nice paint colour I’d recommend for kids bedroom is “Frolic” by Fleetwood. This amazing Paint colour will work for both boy and girl rooms.

    Painters and Decorators now days relay heavily on preselected Paint colours from the manufacturer brochures and they have a good reason for doing so. Pre-selected colours are usually selected by a professional designer and most of them have been used before and have stood the test of time. Therefore you should probably consider the booklets from the paint shop, they are full of ideas and examples with real life photos.

    Another factor to be considered is the finish of the paint. There are mainly 2 types of finish you can usually get for your walls and ceilings and probably 3 finish types for woodwork. Paint for walls and ceilings comes in Matt and Soft Sheen finishes with the ceilings almost always being Matt, Except for bathrooms and kitchens where sometimes a soft sheen is applied because of the purpose of those rooms. Wall Paint finish can vary vastly between matt and soft sheen, in a kids room painters often paint the walls with a soft sheen paint finish because children are known to have the habit of developing their artistic skills on wall surfaces… it is the right finish apparently! As For the woodwork, the obvious choice is Gloss finish, although there is also Satin finish which has less glare and is increasingly popular lately. There is another paint finish painters use for wood that is called Eggshell of course, which is closest to matt.

    Once you have sorted all the above, you can begin Painting and Decorating Your child’s bedroom by contacting Painting In Dublin- Dublin’s professional Painters & Decorators and we will assist you from start to finish, and when I say “assist”, I mean: do everything for you!

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